One of our central missions is to teach! We have classes for beginners, and intermediates, and offer some advanced-level workshops in glassblowing, mold-making, painting on glass, kiln forming, and small-scale casting. Whether you have experience with glass or not, have a look at both our ongoing glassblowing taster class and our specialized workshops to find the one that suits your thirst for learning to play with this amazing material!

Introducing the Hot Shop

First time blowing glass? Start here 🙂

Colour Cups

Had a great time in the Intro class? Here’s a fun way to continue!

Glassblowing Level I

Want to really learn the craft? This is your first step to technical knowledge!

Glassblowing Level II

This class is the next step after Level I

Introduction to Glass Casting

7 day workshop


4 day workshop

6-day Intermediate Level Workshop with The Burnt Asphalt Family

Textures & Surfaces in Glass