Berlin Glassworks is committed to the education, promotion, and safeguarding of the intangible ­cultural heritage of glass making. It aims to be a resource for artists, ­designers, and students, promote best practices of community engagement, environmental awareness, and to be inclusive for all in an effort to build a culture of peace.

We believe in the strength that community building and endeavour to create a safe space for people of all ages, race, and gender to learn and work together.

We aim to preserve the craft of glassmaking (a shared intangible heritage) and to create a bridge between traditional methods and new technologies. It opens the door to link together craft and art, highlighting and celebrating what is handmade, while at the same time, pushing the boundaries of the material in order to communicate complex ideas.

We have undertaken efforts to keep our classes at a low price so that both students and professionals have an opportunity to learn. All public workshops are free for anyone under 18.

Berlin Glassworks aims to become CO2 neutral by 2025.

The Team

Nadania Idriss

Nadania Idriss is a California transplant, founder and managing director of Berlin Glas e.V. and CEO of Berlin Glassworks. Born in Berkeley California, she has a specialisation in medieval art and architecture in the Middle East. Nadania is currently serving as Vice President of the Glass Art Society.

Luke Holden
Studio Manager

Viviane Stroede
Assistant Studio

Francesco Langer
Hot Shop Assistant

Rudy Faulkner

Opening hours

Tuesday – Friday

10am – 6pm


during classes only

If you would like to visit the studio, please send us an email to make an appointment.