Whether you have an idea for an interior design project or would like to make a special lighting feature in your home, the Berlin Glassworks team can help you with your project. Even more exciting is that you will be able to watch your project come to fruition, as we welcome our customers to be present during the making.

Artists we have worked with

  • Mona Hatoum
  • Karin Sander
  • Ayse Erkmen
  • Monica Bonvicini
  • Jimmie Durham & Maria-Theresa Alves
  • Asta Gröting
  • Hassan Khan
  • David Armstrong Six
  • Paku Hardware
  • Travor Paglen
  • Jeppe Hein
  • Tomás Saraceno
  • Julieta Aranda
  • Henrik Strömberg
  • Feleksan Onar
  • Basim Magdy
  • Arturo Herrera
  • Roberto Uribe Castro
  • Thea Djordjadze
  • Alexander Savas
  • Jenna Sutela
  • Shaha Yahalem 
Axel Kufus, Photo: Hans Hansen
Axel Kufus, Photo: Hans Hansen
ANALOG, Of Movement and Material Black, Photo: Thomas Wiuf Schwartz
ANALOG, Of Movement and Material, Photo: Thomas Wiuf Schwartz

Designers & Brands

  • Axel Kufus
  • Sigurd Larsen / Michelberger Hotel
  • Studio Philipp Weber
  • Studio Hugo
  • Michael Konstantin Wolke
  • Flip Sellin / Coordination Berlin
  • Barkett Café
  • benandsebastian 

Interested in working with us? Please feel free to get in touch to discuss your projects: